Zbyněk Janáček - Gates of mind 19/2 - 23/4 2017

19. 02.2017 - 23. 04.2017

Exhibition dates: 19/2 – 23/4 2017

exhibition space: Přesahy grafiky

exhibition space : Richard Drury


Zbyněk Janáček follows on from the diversified development of abstract geometric trends of the past century, using their points of departure above all in his own exploration of the ‘eternal tension’ between static pictorial form and the kinetic energy it evokes in the perception of the viewer. Janáček’s compositions tell of an intense ‘graphic sensibility’ orchestrating a subtle interplay between planes and configurations. Poised between poetry and reason, precision and play, his artistic predisposition found its truest means of expression in the printmaking technique of screenprint, also called serigraphy or silkscreen.

In Janáček’s work, the screenprint gradually freed itself from the classical format of the framed picture, acquiring monumental proportions thanks to which the dynamic area of the image spans the viewer’s entire field of vision, drawing them into an all-encompassing ‘environment’ charged with both optical and psychological stimuli. Janáček’s explorations into the correlation of form and space subsequently led to him partially abandon the illusive plane of the stable two-dimensional work and, instead, incorporate it as free-standing or hanging object in the space, light and perspective of the reality around them. Another important element in Janáček’s deliberately staged dialogue between different levels of perception is his use of mirrored areas, whose surface opens up imaginary space ‘somewhere beyond’. With Janáček, the development of the screenprint’s expressive potential into the third dimension is accompanied by an interest in the similarly augmenting capabilities of new media such as digital and UV printing.

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