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States of mind /Beyond the image - interventions and innovations

From December 2017 onwards, our permanent collection is being shown in a fresh reworking. Apart from a series of newly exhibited collection works, we are presenting new long-term loans, newly chosen aphorism accompanying individual themes and two new pair of states of mind: independence / obsession and idealism / cynism.

The avenue of Saints

Long-term exhibition survey, one which this time mirrors the Baroque Gallery of Saints by the sculptor František Baugut that is located in front of the Jesuit College. The "Avenue of Saints" project presents contemporary sculpture that, mounted on the walls of the groundfloor entrance coridor.

Šaloun: The Touch of Fate 28/10 - 24/2 2019

Ladislav Šaloun´s sculptural legacy in the GASK collection. The exhibition will be accompanied by a newly-published catalogue. Project marking the 100th anniversary of founding of the Czechoslovak Republic.

Doprovodné programy pro tento týden

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