Jakub Švéda - Technovirus

01. 10.2017 - 21. 01.2018

location: BLACKBOX

curator: Adriana Primusová

GASK’s long-term exhibition series Works on Paper from the GASK Collectionfollow its exhibition of Tomáš Švéda with one by a member of the subsequent artistic generation. Jakub Švéda (born 1973) is a graduate of Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied painting under Jiří Sopko and visual communications under Jiří David.

Jakub Švéda’s works are urgent, sometimes even caustic; others emanate a melancholic grieving for the present world. The world of nature, as represented by organic colours or imprints made using natural objects, is confronted with the rational structures of civilization and with the worlds of industry and computers. While his older works acquired by GASK in 2005 are energetic records of gentle lines and fields of colour applied using an airbrush, the newer works on loan from the artist show a growing sense of impending danger. They are a report on the state of our civilization and a reflection of the threats it faces.

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