Jaroslav J. Alt - Bushes, Horizon, Clouds

15. 11.2015 - 14. 02.2016

Gallery V.


4th. floor

Bushes, Horizon, Cloudsshows selected series of contemplative paintings and drawings by Kutná Hora native Jaroslav J. Alt. In his aesthetically mature work, this multifaceted painter, graphic artist, art restorer and teacher presents his artistic and philosophical view of the interconnection between humanity and the landscape, which permeates, influences and shapes his work. Alt aptly describes this state with the following words:

“Entering into the landscape does not mean entering a visually definable theme or motif; it is a spiritual permeation. It thus involves a growing sense of being able to open up the landscape in all its intimacy and profundity, the ability to come closer to the hidden and unseen and to calm one’s mind in order to receive what is present but unknowable.”

Jiří Hůla a Veronika Marešová, curators

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