Josef Hampl - Sewn Drawings 19/2 - 23/4

19. 02.2017 - 23. 04.2017

Works on Paper from the GASK Collection

opening reception 18. 2. 2017

Exhibition dates: 19. 2. – 23. 4. 2017

Exhibition space: BLACKBOX

Curator: Adriana Primusová


As part of the exhibition series Works on Paper from the GASK Collection, we proudly present newly acquired works by Josef Hampl (1932), a leading Czech graphic artist known for his experimentations in the area of works on paper. Hampl has been experimenting with graphic art since the 1950s, when he made the acquaintance of Vladimír Boudník, and his work has been constantly evolving ever since. In Hampl’s work, texture – which he understands as a record of the universal order more than expressions of matter – takes on a concrete-constructive character, although it also reflects the organic nature of the landscape. The 1980s were an exceptional period in his artistic career: Hampl explored the texture of the paper, which showed traces of tearing, and he added the new and original processual element of sewing thread into the paper on a sewing machine. For the exhibition, works from the 1980s and ’90s from the GASK collection are shown alongside his more recent, previously unexhibited, collages from the extensive series Compositions in Black / The Black Collection(2012–2014), which like his earlier works express his understanding of the dual nature of our world.

The exhibition is held on the occasion of the artist’s 85th birthday.

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