Eduard Ovčáček – Intermedia Crossovers 7/5 - 17/9 2017

07. 05.2017 to 17. 09.2017

Exhibition opening: 6/5 2017

Exhibition dates: 7/5 – 17/9 2017

Exhibition space: printmaking crossovers

Curator: Richard Drury


In his work, Eduard Ovčáček (born 1933) focuses on painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, visual and concrete poetry, Lettrist photography, action art and installations. The characteristic feature of graphic art’s easy communicability between people worldwide was the reason why printmaking became the primary medium in his work from the time of his emergence on the then unofficial Slovak art scene. Between 1959 and 1968 he devoted himself to developing the technique of structural painting and printmaking. Following the founding of the Concretists’ Club in 1967, he began focusing on the printmaking technique of screenprint, in which he newly incorporated the figure into the context of the letter and timeless sign. Since the 1990s he has broadened the artistic possibilities of screenprint by using digital technologies.  

From 1964, Eduard Ovčáček lived and worked in the city of Ostrava. From 1984 to 1989, due to political reasons, he lived in Prague, where he later signed the Charter 77 declaration. Between 1991 and 2012 he was a lecturer at Ostrava University. Following the founding of the university in 1991, he initially set up the Art Department (AD) and later on, after the establishing of the Faculty of Art, he headed the Department of Drawing and Printmaking. While teaching at the AD, he organised several Screenprint Workshops in which both Czech and international artists participated. In the role of a curator, he subsequently organised a series of exhibitions entitled ‘Czech Screenprint’ in the Czech Republic and other countries. He has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the Czech Republic and internationally. He lives and works in Ostrava.

Ovčáček’s exhibition at GASK presents large-format prints, paintings and spatial forms created using the technique of screenprint and mixed media (print and acrylic painting) on canvas and paper. It will also feature a set of large-format prints and paintings on the theme of ‘Codes & Quotations’, spatial forms and videos of the artist’s performances. Numbers and graphemes in various configurations will introduce the viewer to the issues of Ovčáček’s Lettrist expression that uses letters, signs, numbers and pictograms as inspiring models in his art. His pictures reflect on the problems of people’s lives today, in the global context of diverse forms of information that continually assault our senses. Several specific quotes of texts encoded in the pictures add extra meaning to the mood and inner energy of the artist’s works.



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