Igor Grimmich - IMAGE

19. 03.2016 to 22. 05.2016

Opening: 19/3 2016, 4 pm
Dates: 20/3—22/5 2016
Location: projectroom
Curator: Veronika Marešová, Richard Drury


The image as a summary of a larger volume of data that, taken together, gives us a broader idea of reality. The resulting paintings are records of travels through urban landscapes both real and imagined.

The artist uses photographs from urban explorations as a kind of basic structure on to which he attaches his own experiences – the things that we perceive with our other senses or related stories that flow in time in both directions. Or even a cluster of seemingly unrelated associations. Some of the paintings depict Berlin, Železný Brod, Tanvald, the surroundings of Děčín and Prague.

Veronika Marešová, curator   


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