Jan Steklík - Work with Paper from the GASK collection

14. 09.2014 to 22. 02.2015




3rd floor

Experimental work with paper is typical of the output of Jan Steklík, although his forms of expression range from land art during the early 1970s and mail art through to sculptural projects.

GASK´scollection includes eighteen collages and drawings that are especially characteristic of the earlier period of Steklik´s work. They were acquired for the gallery´s collection in 1990. Steklik´s more recent work and records of his actions in the landscape are not, however, included in our collection. A set of his early works from the late 1950s is particularly notable. His abstract, subtly lyrical pieces based on a cubistic treatment of form and area gradually shifted towards dark structures in the spirit of Art Informel. Influenced by the aesthetics of Art Informel, he subsequently created collages and décollages using a special technique of burning paper that bore a record of the reality he experienced. Steklík´s conceptual activity features elements of intellectual humour, occasionally irony, poetry and play. his work continues to evolve in numerous series, and the process of their completion is never finished.

Adriana Primusová, curator

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