Jiří Anderle Under the skin

18. 09.2016 to 20. 11.2016

opening: 17/9 2016

dates: 18/9 - 20/11 2016

location: Blackbox

curator: Richard Drury

Since he first appeared on the Czech art scene in the mid-1960s, Jiří Anderle (born 1936) has earned a unique place not only in the Czech context but internationally as well. He achieved renown above all for his graphic art, in which he developed a unique artistic language based on the masterful use and combination of various printmaking techniques. In spite of the broad variety of forms and techniques found in Anderle’s expression, they all share a critical humanist perception focused both on specific historical events and universal human themes. He reflects on the world through a grotesque metamorphosis in which the human figure becomes a metaphorical embodiment of its own inner nature. In Anderle’s images we are witness to monumental dramas in which the fear and wonder of human ‘ancient time’ fuses with a sharply ironic view of negative phenomena in modern society.


Anderle’s exhibition, held as part of GASK’s Blackbox programme, marks the artist’s eightieth birthday this year. It is taking place parallel to his large retrospective at the Municipal House in Prague that is being co-organised by GASK. The exhibition ‘Under the Skin’ showcases a small selection of his finest prints of the 1960s and ’70s from GASK’s collection. Its title relates to Anderle’s characteristic ability in his work to provide an analytical insight into the human psyche.

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