Jiří Bartoš and Robert Vlasák - Fields of Acoustics

11. 10.2015 to 28. 02.2016

Experimental Space I. and II.

1st floor

In the exhibition project Fields of Acoustics Jiří Bartoš and Robert Vlasák are meeting thanks to their common interest in sound and various technologies. The continuous progression and inventive technological solution, working with new materials and developing equipment for sound reproduction are actually their source of inspiration, as well as the bequest of traditional materials and technologies. 

Jiří Bartoš and Robert Vlasák are two artists who both approach their work differently. Robert Vlasák works in the field of visual art and focuses on the object and spatial installation. Jiří Bartoš is mainly engaged in applied arts – design.

The medium of sound is a uniting element of this exhibition as the main topic viewed from two angles. Also this exhibition project deals with the question of an imaginary border between the contemporary visual art and contemporary design.

The title Fields of Acoustics abstracts the topic of the exhibition as a whole. The term “field of acoustics” refers to the area of audibility, the entire range of sound which the human ear is still able to capture. Physiologically, human auditory field is capable of capturing sound in the frequency 16 – 20 000 Hz.

The authors used the exhibition as a space for creating new artworks, which not only reveal the process of sound and acoustics, but also display the nature and quality of new materials and technologies, such as 3D print and CNC machining.


Robert Vlasák

*1978 in Kladno, lives in Ústí nad Labem

Robert Vlasák focuses on spatial visual art and his artistic work is characterised by an emphasis on materiality, a certain level of interactivity, playfulness, innovative approach, and by using technical elements. In his work, he uses his own knowledge from physics and he works with the principles of mechanics, optics, electronics and acoustics, which allows him to create unforgettable experience. Robert Vlasák graduated at the Studio of Non Figural Sculpture at Faculty of Fine Arts Brno University of Technology and at the present time he works as an Assistant of Professor in the Studio of Natural Materials at Faculty of Art and Design of Jan Evangelisty Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, where he studies a doctoral study programme called Visual Communication.


Jiří Bartoš

*1979 in Frýdlant, lives in Ústí nad Labem

Jiří Bartoš works with classic materials (wood, metal, porcelain) in design and examines not only the potential of their traditional and non-traditional application, but also the different opportunities of material processing (for example digital technologies). Since 2009, Jiří Bartoš has been working as a special assistant and pedagogue at Faculty of Art and Design of Jan Evangelisty Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, where he graduated in the Studio of Natural Materials. Since 2010 he has been studying a doctoral study programme called Visual Communication.


Adéla Machová, curator

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