Jitka Havlíčková - without children (a glass comics)

31. 05.2015 to 27. 09.2015



 At Whitebox, figure-maker Jitka Havlíčková presents her glass diorama from 2014, CHILDLESS, in which she uncompromisingly takes aim at childless couples. With a grotesque sense of humour, she has created various scenes depicting the leisure-time activities of childless people. She sees self-realization and the exploration of one’s life values through the lens of light-hearted “local stories”, sporting activities, or endless working in the garden. Havlíčková introspective exploration offers a commentary on the human need to focus on something systematically and to naturally develop these interests throughout our lives. The glass comics, inspired by the book The Phenomenon of Childlessness by sociologist Hana Hašková, can be seen as an artistic-sociological study. The bizarre-yet-cutesy model situations distantly recall petit bourgeois collections of figurines. The glass comics provocatively asks where lies the boundary between art and kitsch.


Veronika Marešová, curator

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