Josefina Bakošová IMAGO

22. 10.2017 to 18. 03.2018

opening: 21/10 2017,  4PM

location: Whitebox

curator: Veronika Marešová

Josefina Bakošová presents her new collection, IMAGO FW17/18, whose central feature is the geometric image of a drop – a symbol for beginnings and new life, and a necessity for transforming into an imago, an adult individual. Another key element is the playful use of asymmetry and colours. The collection is the first to be associated with scent.

The IMAGO perfume is based on its creator’s personal experiences and sensory memories, and was created in collaboration with Zuzana Mašínová. Its base note is the sacred resin frankincense – the “Father of Scents”. Other ingredients include herbs and sacred plants such as mimosa, sage, elemi and bursera. The name IMAGO is very personal. The concept of cocooning and rebirth is a reference to natural transformation and personal development, the importance of having faith in oneself, and a sense of uniqueness based on non-transferable information that people must experience on their own. IMAGO is the things that a person gradually realizes in life, thus closing the circle of evolution and memory.

Also on display is a unique work of jewellery created especially for the exhibition – a symbolic drop made of exotic wood and impregnated with IMAGO perfume. The jewellery was designed by Lucie Řezbová. The exhibition also features four paintings documenting the creation of a garment and reflecting Josefina’s thought process during the creative and technical stages of her work.

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