Marek Kvetan through the eyes of alena vrbanova

15. 11.2015 to 14. 02.2016

Gallery VI.


4th. floor

The XXL views of contemporary slovak art series

This solo exhibition by Marek Kvetan (born 1976) presents his work in the field of digital art (prints, pictures) since the year 2000 and his more recent objects. While still a student at the Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Kvetan earned recognition for his original use of digital and electronic media in a radicalised version of Neoconceptualism. He went beyond the boundary of the found media image, text and object, however, radically transforming them instead.

The meaning of Marek Kvetan’s work finds its stimuli in the transformations and sublimation of globalised civilisation’s cultural identity. In his more recent pieces as well, concepts linked with art such as aestheticism, cliché, repetitiveness and the decadence of taste provide a point of departure. His approach is like the role of an artist-revisionist who blurs the boundaries between fields of visual culture through a play of symbols and materials and the balance between art and non-art.

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