Michael Hon - Simply 23/4 - 11/6 2017

23. 04.2017 to 11. 06.2017

Curators: Veronika Marešová, Jaroslav B. Němeček

Exhibition space: PROJECTROOM

Opening reception: 22. 4. 2017

Exhibition dates: 23. 4. – 11. 6. 2017


Michael Hon is a member of the youngest generation of Czech artists, with close ties to the Brno region. His main focus in on minimalist abstraction. Starting with non-representational gesture painting and the deconstruction and elemental disintegration of geometric structures (still partially associated with actual motifs), he gradually worked his way towards a calm and contemplative artistic position. Through visual experimentation, an exploration of the painting process, and working with new and unconventional materials, Hon introduces us to his variegated inner world. When coming up with a painting, he often starts with a clearly defined choice of paints and colour combinations, as well as the choice of painting surface. Elsewhere, he predefines the number of brushstrokes for a given formal, or he limits his painting to a pre-set length of time. A central element in his works is a simple brushstroke, usually in a monochrome painting emphasizing subtle structures. Using minimal visual tools, he tries to achieve the maximum effect of pure form. Hon sees the painting not as a two-dimensional medium, but moves it onto the level of object. The light falling on the work is important as well, as it further influences the intensity of the colours, the subtlety of the material, and the overall aesthetic impact. His experimenting and searching leads to further shifts in terms of understanding and perceiving the painting as a traditional hung work of art.

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