Michaela Maupicová - traits of mind

11. 10.2015 to 28. 02.2016



1st. floor

Michaela Maupicová (born 1982) graduated from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts (2002 – 2006 Drawing Studio of Prof. Jitka Svobodová, 2006 – 2008 Intermedia Art Studio of Prof. Milan Knížák). Her artistic language can be characterised by the paradoxical term ‘meditative expressiveness’, since it organically combines the two seemingly contradictory approaches of rational constructiveness and, in places, an almost elemental immersion in limitless intuition. Even in Maupicová’s large-format pictures, her expression is based on drawing – not simply as a technique, but above all as a way of thinking in which the drawing hand becomes an integral extension of the contemplative mind. In Maupicová’s work we can, in this sense, speak of a process of materialising the space of inner reflections balanced on the constant (and ever-shifting!) boundary between what we consciously know and what we implicitly sense. The monochrome nature of Maupicová’s works underlines and reinforces her profoundly felt testimony to the ‘eternal bipolarity’ of light and darkness rooted, since time immemorial, in human consciousness about nature – and ultimately about our own existential and spiritual being.


Richard Drury, curator

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