Petr Fiala - The Czech horizon

20. 11.2016 to 26. 03.2017

opening: 19/11 2016

dates: 20/11 2016 - 26/3 2017

location: Café Fatal

curator: Richard Drury

The pictures of Petr Fiala (born 1969) represent a gateway to a world balanced on the boundary between objective reality and dream-like enigma. His contemplative scenes formally follow on in the tradition of European painting, both in the sense of classical genres (interior, still life, landscape) and in the sense of carefully painted or drawn subjects set in perspectival space. With Fiala it is not a matter of unthinking nostalgia, however. He invests his creative language with the lessons of modern sensibility (Rousseau, Symbolism, Surrealism) and above all with a vivid statement about his own emotional and mental states as someone living in the early 21st century. His spiritual fulfilment at the beauty of the visible world is thus juxtaposed with the unease of imaginary visions and subtle irony protecting against the dogma of ‘charm for its own sake’.  

Petr Fiala’s exhibition at GASK focuses on landscape painting, a theme that doesn’t simply portray the outward appearance of nature but which (especially since Romanticism of the 19th century) uses nature to visualise the inner life of man. Without the dramatic ‘infinity of the sea’, the Czech landscape is an intimate setting that has traditionally inspired lyrical introspection; this characteristically Czech ‘wandering of the poetic mind’ is something that we also find at the core of Fiala’s harmonic reflections.

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