Petr Stibral - Photoretrospective

12. 10.2014 to 25. 01.2015

Experimental space

Petr Stibral (born 1977) studied at the leading sculpture department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under Professor Jindřich Zeithamml, and graduated in 2004. His sculpture, through minimalism, has a reductive effect, and crosses boundaries in the installations, because of the specifi c space. In this exhibition at GASK, both artistic positions react to each other. The sculptural work intervenes in various, mainly non-exhibition spaces in the gallery, and appears in unexpected, puzzling and disturbing contexts. In addition, the viewer can develop a photograph of them, using the classic photographic technique in a dark room.
The work of Petr Stibral oscillates between the art of sculpture and the site-specifi c, between minimalism and spatial illusion, and between emphasising mass and reducing it, by defi ning mass and void. It casts doubt on visual certainty and requires concentrated visual sensory perception. The special nature of the work, which goes against other categories, lies in the polarities that it opens up and confronts. However, for Stribral, this is his personal way of thinking as a sculptor. By intervening in terms of space, mass and proportion in a specifi c environment, he creates sparse, economical sculpture. Stibral’s concept of visual reality leads us from what we can perceive, to other dimensions of what it is.

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