SUPERIOR OBJECTS - type compression VOJTĚCH ŘÍHA A MATĚJ POLÁCH 25/6 - 1/10 2017

25. 06.2017 to 01. 10.2017

Curator: Veronika Marešová

Exhibition space: WHITEBOX

Opening reception: 24. 6. 2017

Exhibition dates: 25. 6. – 1. 10. 2017

Superior Objectsis the outcome of the successful cooperation between two graduates of Prague’s Academy of Art, Architecture and Design. Vojtěch Říha is the creator of the Vegan Sans typeface, and Matěj Polách, a designer at the Czech porcelain manufacturer G. Benedikt in Karlovy Vary, prepared the objects for mass production.

The visual design of Superior Objectsis based on Říha’s Vegan Sans, which was created at the Superior Type type foundry. Both artists have attempted, with a bit of exaggeration, to reintroduce the physical three-dimensionality of type into today’s two-dimensional typography – inspired by the printing work of the past, when each individual letter was cast separately. The letters in Superior Objectsare not cast from lead as was the habit in days gone by, but they have been transformed in terms of both material and form. Each letter of Vegan Sans has been turned on its axis like being rotated on a potter’s wheel, thus acquiring a new plasticity. The resulting models of letters are cast with fire clay and given a final glaze in several colour variants.

For their exhibition in the Whitebox, Říha and Polách have created a specific variable collection of “Superior Objects”, experimenting with different materials (such as concrete), creating multiple copies of letters, or stacking them in totemic shapes. The artists’ playful three-dimensional typeface moves dematerialized digital typography into the world of design, to the boundary of applied and fine art.



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