Vladimír Jiránek Humor

02. 07.2016 to 16. 10.2016

Dates: 3/7 - 16/10 2016

Opening: 2/7 2016 at 4pm

Location: Visual playrooms

The Central Bohemian Gallery
presents a retrospective exhibition HUMOR from the notable Czech cartoonist Vladimír Jiránek. The exhibition contains a unique presentation originals of his life’s work. The exhibition is divided into two thematic units. The first and dominant part shows creations for children and youth with a focus on popular stories of the inseparable duo Pat and Mat and rabbits out of the hat - Bob and Bobek. In the second part approximately his best cartoons, including his original colour paintings will be exposed.

HUMOR exhibition is taking place
from 3rd July 2016 to 16th October 2016
Sponsored by the Central Bohemian Region
County Representative Miloš Petera.


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