Welcome to this 3D tour of our permanent colleciton States of mind / Beyond the image. Considering the extent of the exhibition and the number of exhibited works,
we have divided it into four parts, which can be visited separately and in any order. Enter into virtual space, view the artworks, listen to podcasts, watch videos and read texts.

Introduction by curator Richard Drury
You are now entering the permanent collection of GASK – Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, which is set in the spacious and elegant halls and corridors of the former Jesuit College in the town of Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic. As well as showcasing the finest works from our gallery’s collection, it also features long-term loans and specially conceived interventions by contemporary artists who work with new media.
The title States of Mind / Beyond the Image tells us that it isn’t a classically conceived presentation of the gallery’s collection. Instead of being a traditional sequence of chronologically arranged artworks, our exhibition is based on the diverse range of mental and emotional states that make us human. Art is presented here as a living testimony that is able to address us regardless of historical distance or differences in cultural or national identity. Its structure is based on contrasting pairs of states of mind, such as solitude and friendship, to which the exhibited works relate. Among the exhibits, on the walls you’ll also find quotations and aphorisms that reflect on the given states of mind and, at the same time, stimulate how you experience the neighbouring visual works.
The permanent collection States of Mind / Beyond the Image has been developed in close collaboration with the GASK Learning Centre; as part of its programme Inclusive GASK, the Learning Centre has commissioned haptic transcriptions of selected exhibits for visually-impaired and blind visitors, as well as an audio guide to the permanent collection and the Jesuit College. 
At GASK’s permanent collection, you can find inspiration in the dialogues between the exhibits, between artistic imagination and literary thinking, and, ultimately, between art and the Baroque interiors. Especially at this time of involuntary isolation, the aim of the permanent collection is to return our viewers to the ‘human source’ of art and, through this, foster a stronger sense of empathy and togetherness. It is our hope that, in understanding art better, you’ll better understand something even more important – yourselves and, thanks to that, one another. Welcome to States of Mind!


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