Barbora Bálková The Nightmare of Giant Panda

22. 10.2017 to 18. 03.2018

opening: 21/10 2017 at 4 PM

location: experimental space

curator: Radka Zahradníková

Exhibiting in two spaces at GASK, Barbora Bálková presents what at first glance appear to be antithetical aspects of her work that are at once incompatible and overlapping. Her art possesses a feminine fragility and diligence, but also intense energy and the need to speak out on subjects that we usually do not talk about. She has transformed her conceptual approach, which is a reaction to contemporary global and social problems and to events that affect her on a personal level, into a series of objects and installations created from animal bones or fake human skin. In her search for a harmony between the utopian and dystopian and her clear representation of the ambivalence of taboo reality, she balances on the fine line between humility and power.


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