Kateřina Blašková - Eternal substance 23/4 - 11/6 2017

23. 04.2017 to 11. 06.2017

Opening reception: 22/4 2017

Exhibition dates: 23/4 – 11/6 2017

Exhibition space: whitebox

Curator: Radka Zahradníková


Kateřina Blašková has a highly refined sense for detail. In her work, she lends a voice to the material, giving it as much space as she possibly can. She creates jewellery, made primarily from found deadwood or pieces of glass, thus giving the material a second chance at life. She collects these things on her trips through nature – on the beach or in urban outskirts – but also in cities throughout the world.

She shatters the glass and carefully polishes the randomly created fragments, making each new piece of jewellery unique and one-of-a-kind. She leaves the pieces of wood in the shape she found them in, filling any small holes with glass shards or letting the wood speak through its distinctive texture. She attaches a small bail to each unique object to elegantly emphasize each particular piece.

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