Martin Balcar - Blind Mirror 25/6 - 1/10 2017

24. 06.2017 to 01. 10.2017

opening reception: 24. 6. 2017

Exhibition dates: 25. 6. – 1. 10. 2017

Exhibition space: CAFÉ FATAL

Curator: Adriana Primusová


Martin Balcar’s artistic activities are associated with Prague and with the town of Malešov near Kutná Hora. A member of the middle generation of artists, he is known for his book illustrations – for which he has won several awards – and for his painting. Balcar’s abstract compositions are based on real shapes and reflections of light. In his most recent series, Blind Mirror, works with the transformation of light, exploring the possibilities of reflection on the level of painting and metaphysics. His colour compositions are reflections on human thinking and on the universal principles of how the world works.




we are its part and it encompasses us

when we come to the world, the first thing we see is light

when we leave, we follow the light

filled with the energy of eternity


since the beginning of time, we have tried to describe light to capture and use it


light is our soul


an attempt at capturing light passing through matter

light as a projector of feelings of transience


a mirror in the path of light

light in a mirror / it reflects in order to blind us at a moment when we do not expect it /

a blind mirror / we cannot look in the mirror, we do not know who we are, we are incapable of answering /


a paradox – the strong light of a lamp pointed in our path increases the darkness surrounding us


threatened by light?


the light that comes when we fall asleep / light is a constant part of darkness /


Martin Balcar






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