Pavel Vašíček a Petr Vašíček - Intensities

11. 10.2015 to 28. 02.2016

Café Fatal


2nd. floor

The exhibition of paintings by twins Petr and Pavel Vašíček presents the two viewpoints of artists who share not only similar childhood memories, but who also studied classical painting techniques together under professor ZdeněkBeran at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Pavel Vašíček presents his recent figural paintings made partially in KutnáHora and partially during a scholarship program in Germany. Thematically, Pavel’s works address contemporary societal issues such as war that are accompanied by loneliness and loss of identity and may lead to a reassessment of basic human values. In terms of form, he has moved away from an aesthetic baroque style towards a colorfully raw impressionist approach that underscores the works’ existential meaning.

By comparison, Petr Vašíček will be exhibiting works that he has been creating since 2006 at his new home in the Belgian town of Antwerp. Like his brother, he emphasizes color and the representation of deep emotional layers formed by the anxieties, fears and truths that characterize the present day. Petr’s paintings are accompanied by a slow and steady search for their final form, often with the use landscape and natural motifs. In its own way, his concentrated intellectual correction is reminiscent of the masters of Japanese calligraphy. The long and intensive process of the canvas’s creation resonates with Petr’s life experiences and inner struggles and is a perfect expression of the openness with which he tries to come to terms with the questions that surround him.

Veronika Marešová, curator

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