Phenomena of Paper and Book Atelier

01. 10.2017 to 21. 01.2018


location: printmaking crossovers

curators: Gina Renotière, Richard Drury (GASK)


“We will be exhibiting artistic works of paper, artists’ books, book objects, paper-art objects and installations. It is fascinating how paper and books can be worked with artistically,” says the exhibition’s curator Gina Renotière.


Jiří H. Kocman is a leading figure of the so-called Brno Circle and one of the most distinctive representatives of conceptual art in Europe. He first emerged onto the art scene in the 1960s, working in the fields of stamp art and mail art.

In the 1970s, he turned his attention from the content of his works to the medium itself – i.e., paper. After a thorough study of the production and restoration of paper and book-binding, he achieved a truly masterful level in the creation of artists’ books. “He contributed significantly to making paper and the book respected artistic disciplines on the Czech art scene,” says Renotière.

In 1998, Kocman founded the Paper and Book Atelier at Brno Technical University’s Faculty of Fine Arts.

Some fifty students studied at the atelier before it was closed in 2011.

At the exhibition, viewers can also see a documentary film created in collaboration with Kamil Zajíček, in which the graduates of this unique atelier recall how it influenced their professional and personal life.

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