Radek Jandera - Phototherapy

12. 10.2014 to 25. 01.2015



Radek Jandera (born 1972) is a graduate of the Photography Studio of the Faculty of Art and Design of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, where he is currently a studio assistant. In his work he isn’t limited to photography. Nor is the artistic impression of his artworks a primary concern. What is important for him, on the contrary, is the creation of the artwork itself, its communication potential and the search for new connections and meanings in seemingly ordinary processes and events. The resulting work is often site-specific, made for a particular exhibition, and reacts to its location, commenting on events linked with that place.

The title of the exhibition ‘Phototherapy’ refers to one of the traditional techniques of treating depression. The dominant feature of the exhibition is a light room that provides viewers with light of a sufficient therapeutic intensity. Here, the room creates a backdrop for selected and continuously alternated photographs (by the artist, gallery employees and visitors, or by participants in planned workshops). Exchanging the various photographs enables the transformation of the overall character of the exhibition – the chosen photo might easily be in destructive contradiction to the therapeutic effect of the intense light. The exhibiting artist won’t limit the choice of photography; he is planning to work with photographic documentation of the gallery itself, with news photography, family albums and technical photography. The incorporating of even banal photographs into the context of the exhibition where they become the focus of close attention will probably change the expressive value of a series of symbols that the given photos contain.

Symbols, often with an artificially added meaning, create the inner context of the other part of the exhibition. Here, photography appears primarily in the form of a reference and a source of inspiration. The only ‘artist’s work’ is that of purely descriptive photographs of representative objects given as gifts to the Senate of the Czech Parliament. In the exhibition concept, the artist anticipates diverse objects requiring different techniques and different materials.

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