Roman Franta - DEFINITIONS 23/4 - 11/6 2017

23. 04.2017 to 11. 06.2017

Curator: Veronika Marešová

Exhibition space: CAFÉ FATAL

Opening reception: 22. 4. 2017

Exhibition dates: 23. 4. – 11.6. 2017

Definitionspresents the latest painting cycle by Roman Franta, who has been a fixture on the Czech art scene since the late 1990s, with a wide range of approaches to both form and content. Franta’s vital, multifaceted work draws on abstract expressionism, pop art, and American and European painting from the 1980s, except that he recasts all these influences using his own distinctive vocabulary. He works with realistic illusions, geometric abstraction, and a casual anti-aesthetic style, and in many paintings he gives this artistic range full expression. His collage-like combinations of the world of plants and animals with the world of people often depict unusual or even absurd situations.

In Definitions, Franta turns his attention towards an exploration of learning, personal development, and the search for inner freedom and inspiration. In so doing, he works with the definitions and personal understanding of the meaning of these words: the conceptual determinacy, form and definitiveness of visual execution, and the indisputability or permanence of the importance and great individuals and their ideas. His canvases are dominated by scarred or tattooed female figures, alongside textual elements (the names of artists, citations, personal notes and commentary). Working with his typical playfulness and hyperbole, Franta confronts the individual with society and reflects on their relationship in cultural and historical contexts and from the perspective of current events.

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