Šimon Brejcha Collector and Crusher

18. 09.2016 to 29. 01.2017

Opening: 17/9 2016

Dates: 18/9 - 29/1 2017

Location: Printmaking Crossovers

Curator: Richard Drury

Šimon Brejcha (born 1963) is one of the foremost contemporary Czech printmakers. His expression is based in the exploration of phenomena of three-dimensional reality and their resulting imprint as a ghost-like two-dimensional presence on paper. In this ‘shadow of being’ he finds all of life’s stories and meanings. Brejcha’s approach is characterised by an inexhaustible fascination for the kaleidoscopic forms of nature and human civilisation. It is a fascination that is almost childlike in its purity and intensity. He focuses on small and commonplace things such as ants, grasshoppers, centipedes, snail shells and shed snakeskins that he uses as relief shapes and patterns to create abstracted prints symbolically reflecting on the structures and energies of existence. Šimon Brejcha, the self-confessed ‘collector and crusher’ of organic specimens and inorganic objects, applies a metaphorical magnifying glass to the world around him and, with gentle irony and understated emotion, portrays the processes of creation and extinction that determine and define humanity, nature and the cosmos.

A major monograph on Šimon Brejcha’s work is being prepared for publication by the Cermak Eisenkraft Gallery during his exhibition at GASK, staged as part of the Printmaking Crossovers programme. 

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