Vladimír Véla - Platforms

20. 11.2016 to 26. 03.2017

opening: 19/11 2016

dates: 20/11 2016 - 26/3 2017

location: Projectroom

curator: Richard Drury

From its starting point in masterfully executed, Baroque-existential hyperrealist painting, the work of Vladimír Véla (born 1980) has developed in an intense sequence of artistic techniques and approaches of form. He works in loose series, which enables the longer-term exploration of specific issues with the possibility of making returns and elaborating themes parallel to each other. Apart from ‘classical’ expression in painting, he has progressively focused on such techniques as assemblage, the object and photography.


Having abandoned illusory realism, Véla ‘submersed’ himself in abstracted, expressive scenes in which the outward space of allegorical visions was supplanted by the inward space of his own emotional landscape. The depicted human figure comes across in this sense as a psychological sign that dissolves and occupies the pictorial area as a whole. The image thus becomes a mental event expressed by ambivalent forms and the sensitive record of the act of painting itself. It represents both a view ‘back’ into nascent perceptions and a freshly defined platform for more complex interpretation of the visual message – as well as for the further development of visual ideas. Véla’s artistic statement characteristically combines a dark (and sometimes ironic) enigmatic quality with wonder at the miracle of creation.

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